jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

Various Artists - The Great British Experience

Various Artists
The Great British Experience

CD 1
Devil's Galop
Calling All Workers
Westminster Waltz
Puffin' Billy
Horse Guards (Whitehall)
In Party Mood
By the Sleepy Lagoon
Girls in Grey
Silks and Satins
Barwick Green
Runaway Rocking Horse
Girl From Corsica
Non Stop
Skyscraper Fantasy
Headless Horseman
On a Spring Note
Sea Songs March
Changing Moods No 2
Canadian in Mayfair
Dancer at the Fair
Las Vegas
Starlight Roof Waltz

CD 2

Marching Strings
Coronation Scot
Jumping Bean
Sound and Vision
Young Ballerina
Parisian Mode
Horse Feathers
Cavalcade of Youth
Running Off the Rails
Sailing By
Winter Sunshine
Parakeets and Peacocks
Melody on the Move
High Heels
Haunted Ballroom
All Strings and Fancy Free
Sapphires and Sables
Dance of the Ostracised Imp
Smile of a Latin
Concert Jig
Quiet Stroll
Little Suite No. 1 - 3. March

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